Psychic and Mediumship Readings Testimonials

Kristin M. - Jonesboro, Arkansas

Kristeanna has an amazing gift coupled with a beautiful heart and I appreciate what she has to offer the world. I went to see her a year ago on a whim and she floored me with her accuracy on everything from my childhood to other aspects of my life that were not vague but detailed and specific. She provided insight and counsel that was profound. I have seen her many times since and she hits the mark everytime and helps me through whatever issues I am struggling with at the moment. I am thankful to have met her and find that she has helped me in ways that she may never understand. Highly recommended!!

Sheila - CA

Kristeanna has been a life-saver for me. Four years ago I lost my son in a tragic motorcycle accident. Previous to that I lost my husband of 28 1/2 years due to medical mistakes. Life has given me some tough events to deal with. With Kristeanna’s input I have been able to understand the losses and know that my son and husband are always with me and watching over me. She has helped me to move forward, when I didn’t want to. With Kristeann’s help I am guided in my new life, always honoring the past. She is charming, understanding, direct, and accurate. I rely on her input in my life. I feel fortunate to have found her and I consider her to be the bestspiritual guide that is right for me.

Jamie Alvarez

At the time of my first meeting with Kristeanna, I lacked hope and direction in my life. Her warmth, compassion, positivity, and direct manner of communication combine to create an atmosphere of trust and safe vulnerability. She has consistently been able to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in my life. She provides specific, practical, and do-able means of addressing issues that need attention. She is forever loving and encouraging, especially when her insights are challenging to hear. Kristeanna has played an invaluable role in my journey of healing.Kristeanna has been the biggest blessing from the Universe. I initially started seeing Kristeanna because I had hit rock bottom, and felt desperate with nowhere to turn. Immediately she went straight to the problem. Kristeanna knew things that no one else could’ve known. She actually said verbatim things that I had written in my journal. We cut to the heart of the problem real quick. Kristeanna helped me solve my relationship problem, family issues, and financial struggles. Kristeanna is now my intuitive counselor on a regular basis. She guides me with shockingly accurate dates, names, and circumstances. I have sent several people to her, and everyone is amazed with her dead-on accuracy, kindness, and compassion.

Heather - Black Mountain, NC

I have been going to Kristeanna as a yearly or twice yearly check-in for years.  She is always very accurate about things going on in my life in the past and current and has seen things occur which would be the future at the time.  The latest reading was help with my fiance’s issue and she told me things she could not have known otherwise and gave some solid advice which my fiance promptly took.  I am hoping for a fair and easy outcome as she suggested.

M.O'Shea - Portland OR

I have sought Kristeanna’s guidance for years because she accurately, efficiently and effectively translates information from Spirit so I may make choices, which are in my best interest. Kristeanna’s honesty is tempered with objectivity and compassion. My life has significantly improved as a result of the clarity and role-modeling Kristeanna provides. I am grateful and honored to know Kristeanna and recommend her very highly.

M.C. - Long Island, NY

Kristeanna is one of the most genuine and true psychics out there. She truly care’s about each and every one of her clients, she will tell you the truth and support you through everything that you are going through. I have felt such a close connection with Kristeanna, she has helped me through so many challenges that I have faced in my life and there are no words to express my gratitude to her. I would recommend anyone to give Kristeanna a try and you will find out for yourself that she is the real deal and most importantly, she has a heart of gold and truly goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you Kristeanna for all your love and support!

Reyne D. - NY, NY

Meeting Kristeanna has been a blessing to me. After years of guilt and not having complete closure of my moms lost in her long battle with cancer. Kristenna was able to contact her and give me the words I needed to hear from her, and let me know that my mom is always here with me and the hopes and dreams she has for me. Kristeanna brought to light family situations and and relationships that i should focus on and avoid. In my readings Kristeanna has helped me understands obstacles in my personal life and guide me in making decisions to better it . I truly feel growth in myself as a person since meeting Kristeanna.

Brenda Younger Hoolihan, CPA, PhD

In addition to the habit of checking in with Kristanna every few months, I contact her when I’m facing a difficult decision, have something that is particularly challenging, or when I am trying to understand what is taking place in the lives of those I love. In short, the gift that Kristanna possesses has helped me to grow personally, has inspired hope when I’ve needed it, and has given me the information and guidance I have needed to make changes in my life. Kristanna won’t always tell you what you want to hear; instead she will speak the truth and shine the light on what it is that you must do for yourself. This is indeed a priceless treasure.

Jenna Jordan

Kristeanna’s gifts of intuition and empathy are an amazing combination to help anyone find their way through the ups and downs of life. I had a broken heart that I thought would never heal – and I had been to almost every energy worker, therapist, or psychic I knew to assist me with healing. Kristeanna was the one that stuck with me and brought me through it to the other side. The first time I sat down with her, it was like she had known me my whole life, and knew exactly how I was feeling… then she connected to her intuition and spiritual guidance and was able to shine light, love and healing on my broken heart until it was ready to be healed. If you are looking for someone that really understands you, and gives accurate, important spiritual guidance for you… I highly recommend you see Kristeanna. She is a gem. And I can’t imagine life without her!

Michael J.

My reading with Kristeanna was like reconnecting with a long lost friend and it was as if she knew me for years. I found her to be amazingly accurate, concise, welcoming, and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend Kristeanna without any hesitation.