Music for the soul.

There are times in our life when music can speak to our soul unlike anything else. The right song at the right moment can change everything. That song can become our friend, our accomplice, and perhaps and most importantly, our healer. I believe that music is a powerful, yet often overlooked tool in the healing process.

There are many ways I have experienced and witnessed music’s uses in healing.  For example, the vibration of sound touching our souls and helping us connect to, and ultimately move through a difficult emotion.

Or lyrics to a song articulating something we have felt so deeply, but could not give voice to, and just in the naming of the experience, there is some freedom to be had.  Sometimes it is just the voice of the artist that grabs us and hold us as we navigate through feelings of grief, sadness or an exhilarating feeling of JOY!

It is my practice to listen to music every day. My children have grown up with music as a daily experience, sometimes front and center, and sometimes just a background comfort. Today I was reminded how often music has assisted me in my life.  Good and bad, ups and downs, music has been an intricate part of my growth and healing.

I can see my daughter like it was yesterday. In her car seat happily dancing along to “Happy Tappin’ with Elmo” and as soon as it ends she gleefully exclaims, “Again Mommy!”.  We listened to that song more times than I would have ever believed possible. Even so, to this day it makes my heart smile, and sometimes I’ll just go to YouTube and find it to remind myself of joy.

Going through my divorce I would listen to Papa Roach or Linkin Park to move through my anger.

It was a safe way to scream along with the lyrics and get the emotions out. When I needed to cry, and just didn’t want to I would play the Script or Cold Play, let it touch my heart and bring those tears to the surface. Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter”, was my go to when I needed to put up my dukes and fight may way through. Then on the other side of all that there was Cyclone on repeat so I could dance, and Colbie Caillat reminding me to keep my heart open and to fall in love again.
How are you feeling today?

Take a deep breath and a quiet moment and ask.  Where am I emotionally today? Whether you need to be empowered, strengthened, or a reason to dance and smile ….There is a song for that. Maybe you need to play sad songs and stay in bed all day because you are grieving. Or perhaps your at a place where you cant cry any more and you need lyrics to strengthen. My hope is you are having a great day and all things are lining up beautifully and your listening to what makes your heart sing!

Think about it, what was that one song that made you smile when you were a kid? What was something that just made your heart sing the first time you heard it? What made you tear up because it touched a memory or a moment? PLAY IT! Press repeat and Don’t be surprised when these songs greet you like old friends. Let the music touch your soul.

Music truly has a unique power and I want to encourage everyone to use it as such.  We just have to open our hearts and be willing to utilize it as a tool towards healing.

Today I am going way back…. I’m going to listen to The Wiggles because they make me laugh and remind me of a time when my son was young and would laugh, dance and sing to their music.  It was beautiful witnessing a soul so open, happy and free! And today I want to get in touch with that memory and be joyful!

I wish you your own musical journey to peace and joy today!

With, Love and Light Kristeanna