Love Potential Tarot 

I am so often asked about love, I thought I would take a moment to share some of what I see when doing these types of readings. A client may ask “Is he/she right for me?” “Do we have potential as partners?” Where there is love, there is always potential for it to grow! What the cards do is help us see each individual, their qualities, and their desires for the relationship. Then we do another spread to see about compatibility. This will help see what conflicts could arise, and how to work with them as a couple or individually.

If someone is not in a relationship, they may ask “What is my potential to find love?”. In this scenario, we draw to see if there is an underlying issue keeping them from moving forward into love. If so, we address it as well as how to work with it to overcome the issue. The next draw would be in how to work with self-love to draw in a potential partner. 
These readings can be done in a 30 minute session or a much more in depth reading would need a full hour.