FAQS About Readings With Kristeanna

What happens when I get a reading?

This is by far the most common question I get. There are a great many misconceptions about what I do and what happens when I do it. So here is a basic walk through of a reading. Prior to your arrival I will center myself, so that I am clear and prepared to meet your needs and be fully present when I read for you. Upon your arrival I will greet you and we will introduce ourselves to each other. Then you and I will sit down opposite each other, a table between us. Then I will have you hold the cards briefly and close your eyes to get centered (this allowing the cards to absorb your energy). I will then spread the cards out and have you pull a specific number to begin. I will place them then turn them over and begin reading them. You don’t have to answer questions, provide any information, just relax and take in the information as it comes. I am happy to clarify or delve deeper into areas as I read if you care for me too. I am happy to answer questions as we go along. While it is a sacred space and the intention is to assist you in your healing and growth, it is also a very relaxed and easy going one. No parlor tricks, or spooky props. Just you and I, and the intuitive information and counsel I am able to share with you.

What is the difference in a phone reading and one in person?

There really is not a lot of difference. I will center myself prior in the same matter, then I will call you at the scheduled time. We will have our introductions then I will pull cards for you and read. The value of information and effectiveness is equal to an in person reading, as my clients can attest to. The added benefit of a phone reading is hopefully, afterwards you are able to have a little extra time to absorb the information I have shared.

What is the difference in a 30 minute reading and a 60 minute reading?

The difference is that in a 60 minute reading I just begin. In a 30 minute reading I ask if you have a specific goal or issue you wish to get to. This is simply because the time goes by so quickly and I want to be sure you have answers to any specific questions you are seeking guidance on. Beyond that the experience is the same.

What happens if I ask you to do a mediumship session?

During this type of session we will both sit down with the intention of connecting to someone on the other side you are seeking to contact. You do not need to tell me who it is you are seeking to communicate with. I will begin by giving you the cards I use and ask that while you hold them, you quietly hold this person or persons in your thoughts. We then proceed with you selecting cards. Once the cards are selected I will begin reading for you. I will attempt to give you an opportunity to ask questions to your loved ones if they are open to answering. No session is the same as they are all individualized to best serve each person’s healing, growth and specific needs.